Having been raised a Southern Baptist Church, I was very naïve to any end time beliefs.  Most pastors during my young upbringing avoided the book of Revelation and any mention of end time beliefs elsewhere in Scripture.  Therefore, I was a novice to any teachings on this subject.  However, that changed in my late twenties when a new pastor came to church I was attending, and he clearly had end time beliefs that he preached and taught fervently.  This was futurism and all the beliefs that went along with it – the Great Tribulation, the one-thousand year kingdom, Armageddon, Christ’s visual return, and et cetera.

Not only was this new to me, but it caused me great fear.  I was married and expecting my first child.  What would this mean for her life I pondered?  My husband was in the navy, and did not know the Lord at that time, but I sent him the print outs the pastor gave us anyway.  He admonished me not to believe those things.  Yet, after the Lord revealed His Son in him, he, too, was drawn into these beliefs and preached them thoroughly.  It became popular.  All church people soaked it up, and today it is the reigning end time beliefs and continues to draw in many curious and novice church people.

Later on, I began to teach and was surprised when there was a new prediction of Christ’s imminent return,  and the Tribulation was about to begin.  On one occasion, a fellow teacher approached me in great fear of the new prediction.  She was seeking to be consoled, yet when I tried, it was rejected as she was deep in belief of these end time philosophies. Truly, real consoling comes from Christ alone, and it is He we must turn to in these times.  As my own faith was in need of growth, God continued to purge me of these futuristic beliefs, but it became a lonely walk for my husband and I.  Overturning, such popular beliefs seems impossible.

Having lived a rather long life, I rejoice to testify that God delivered my husband and I from this great Satanic lie.  Unfortunately, the Scriptures have been greatly misinterpreted.  But like all truth of God’s inspired Word,  many can not adhere to the truth in God’s living Word.  Is there evidence within Scripture you might ask of refuting the futuristic beliefs within the church today.  I rejoice to exclaim to you that there surely is.  This is what this site is all about – expounding the truths of God’s Holy Word that God’s people be no longer deceived.  Before you abandon perusing through this site, ask God for guidance to understand and believe the truth in these end time beliefs.  We have nothing to gain, monetarily or otherwise, in presenting these truths to you except the joy of guiding you into the truths of God’s Word for your benefit and spiritual growth.  May God lead you and give you the spiritual insight into His precious Word.